The Aerus platform

Magor’s mission is, and has always been to inspire users to interact with video in new ways to create improved modes for productivity.

Bringing this goal to life called for a different architectural approach that removes the limitations of traditional single-workflow video conferencing systems – one with the flexibility to adapt to different workflows as users move from one task to another.

The development of a completely new user-centric platform has provided us the freedom to rethink traditional strategies for scalability, interoperability, security and information sharing– resulting in significant technical benefits for deployment and support.

Aerus is a natural evolution of our platform to the cloud in delivering video interactions to the enterprise as a service, with all the capabilities necessary to fulfill the promise of new modes for productivity at lower cost.

Aerus Service Delivery Platform

  • Layered service delivery
  • Distributed server architecture
  • Flexible cloud deployment modes
  • Video stream switching

Aerus technology

  • High quality visual conversations
  • Scalable video coding
  • Interoperability library
  • Codec-agnostic media processing