Aerus Service Delivery Platform

The Aerus Service Delivery Platform (SDP) brings together the benefits of distributed networking and cloud computing to deliver services for high quality video interactions that support any workflow.

The Aerus SDP uses a two layered approach for service delivery:

      The on-ramp service layer provides user access to:
      • High-quality video interactions for any workflow
      • Robust interoperability with traditional video conferencing solutions as well as WebRTC-enabled browsers
      The on-demand service layer extends the onramp service by providing access to additional services accessible via integration or via APIs to support specific workflows
Diagram Aerus SDP

Distributed client-server architecture

The Aerus SDP uses a distributed client-server architecture that operates on non-proprietary hardware. There are two types of applications that enable Aerus service delivery:

Flexible cloud deployment modes

To offer the deployment flexibility needed to support any organization’s IT strategy and security policies, access to the Aerus SDP is sold as a service for public, private, community and hybrid cloud deployment.

Diagram Cloud Head


Diagram Public Cloud


Diagram Private Cloud


Diagram Hybrid Cloud


Diagram Community Cloud

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