Aerus OnDemand

Aerus OnDemand is a selection of optional add-on subscription services that provide Aerus OnRamp users with access to additional capabilities to customize the service around specific workflows.

Aerus Invite

Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) for conferencing

Aerus Invite is a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) service that allows small and large groups to convene for a traditional video conference. Aerus Invite is compatible with the following types of video conferencing systems:

  • SIP-based (e.g., Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize)
  • H.323-based (e.g., Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize)
  • WebRTC-enabled web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox)
  • Microsoft Lync

Any Aerus user can be assigned an Aerus Invite room and moderate their own conference with internal or external contacts. The Aerus Invite OnDemand subscription is a flat fee for each Aerus user with a VMR.

Aerus Invite is ideal for organizations that already own hardware-based video conferencing equipment and want to expand their use of video interactions with Aerus. However, they may have a need to hold large videoconferences involving their legacy equipment in the future.

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Aerus WebCollab

Group meetings with web browser participants

Aerus WebCollab is a flexible web browser-based service that enables up to 25 participants to securely attend an Aerus session via audio and/or video with complete views of other participants and shared information.

Aerus WebCollab uses the open WebRTC standard, which enables real-time communication for standard web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Aerus WebCollab is ideal for:

  • Offering “click to call” instant video functionality from a website to a contact center
  • Holding training sessions for clients, partners or customers
  • Delivering lessons for distance education
  • Attending lectures by professors in remote locations
  • Conducting sessions that include travelling employees
  • Delivering distant sales presentations
  • Performing health consultations with patients

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Aerus Record

Recording for any Aerus session

Aerus Record enables any user to centrally record the complete experience of an Aerus session and archive it for later viewing.

Also, when not in an active session users can record themselves on camera and gather on screen information sources to generate their own video content.

Aerus Record is ideal for:

  • Capturing live lectures or training seminars that need to be viewed by a wider audience at a later date
  • Recording discussions for later review
  • Creating internal or external communication bulletins in video
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